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The name isn't final yet. I just wanted something there.


This summer I will be spending some time working on a mod with 2 main things that I have found that I really enjoy in other mods: pipes and the energy condenser. However, I will be going about these, and anything else I add to the mod, a little bit differently from most of the mods I have seen.


Spoiler is me talking about why I want a less intrusive mod.


When I first started playing Minecraft, it was a wonderful mix of a building and exploration game. You spent time in your mines exploring and looking for resources to bling out your cave. You could go wander around the world looking for cool new land features to build on. Eventually I got tired of it and tried a mod pack: tekkit.


Now, don't get me wrong, mod packs and technical machinery mods are wonderful and loads of fun. But they change the way you play Minecraft. You have a central base where you live. You set things up to be automated. You don't spend anymore time underground or exploring. You spend your time wandering about your house searching for items to make the next best machine 15 levels deep in crafting.


I don't want that. My mod is going to preserve the way you played Minecraft in the beginning.


My energy condenser function will be 2 machines, both powered by coal/charcoal. One will break down materials, probably 64/coal, and give you the value of those items in some form of matter/energy item. This can then be moved to the other machine which will reconstruct the matter/energy into a new resource according to a recipe. Recipes will be crafted using some sort of valuable mineral along with probably paper and the resource to be created. Recipes will have a durability and eventually break. Only certain things will be capable of being converted. Cobblestone will be one, along with valuable minerals. However, organic objects like wood, food, passive mob drops, etc will be nonconvertible. You still need to make your farms.


I want my machines to give you the power and convenience of the energy condenser without destroying the purpose and play-style of Minecraft.


I have no ideas for pipes yet. I just love them.


There will not be any changes to world generation. There will not be tons of new mid-stage items for crafting. No recipe will be more complex than any vanilla recipe.


I am posting this here looking for suggestions. Things you like in other mods that don't change the game. Things you would like to see. Possible values for resources to be converted to. Please feel free to give me any advice you have. I would love to make a mod that strikes the perfect balance between modded and vanilla Minecraft and you are the first step.  :)

Read my thoughts on my summer mod work and tell me what you think!



I absolutely love her when she smiles

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