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how do we update


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I get that you need us to update Minecraft to download 1.12 but how do we do that. I might just be a little confused or even just be misinterpreting what your saying but just to clarify you want us to update Minecraft but how do we do that I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft. any and all help will be appreciated

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Firstly, you only have to update if you wish to ask for help on these forums. There's nothing saying that you can't play old versions, you just won't get help here for it.

I would make sure to run the vanilla Minecraft of the version you're updating to (I would go right for 1.15.2).

Then download the forge installer for 1.15.2 from files.minecraftforge.net and run/install it. (make sure the minecraft launcher is closed when you do this)

Now, when you open the launcher after installing forge, if it does not create an Installation for you, you will have to make one by clicking on "Installations" at the top of the launcher, and clicking the + to add one. the forge version you installed should be in the list of minecraft versions on the new installation screen. If you google "create minecraft installation" you should be able to find screenshots and such of what it looks like.

Once you've created your installation, run it once to make sure it works. If it gets to the game, then you can probably quit out, and go to curseforge.com and download mods for 1.15.2, and put them in the mods folder. Your mods folder is in the minecraft game directory, which is the .minecraft in your Appdata\Roaming folder by default. This folder can be changed in the installation settings screen, so you can keep modded worlds/saves separate from vanilla, if you wish.


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thanks for the help but im still a little confused I want to use forge 1.12.2 because the mod I want is only up to date with that. I already have 1.15.2 and it works but that's not the problem I would like to use 1.12.2. so are you saying that we can't use the older ones from forge. sorry if this Is inconveniencing you but im just not getting it sorry

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15 minutes ago, faith said:

I would like to use 1.12.2. so are you saying that we can't use the older ones from forge.

You can use 1.12.2 if you wish.

But, if you do, and have a problem, i.e., it crashes, this website does not provide support for versions that old anymore.

Just like if you had a Windows XP disc, you could theoretically install that old version of Windows on a computer, but if it didn't work or you had questions, Microsoft would tell you to update if you wanted their help.

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