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[SOLVED] Written Books ?


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Hello guys in my mod I want to add a book like recipe book but im not advance enough to make my own gui so I want to give player the vanilla writen books :)


I have some information that I need to write nbt data on ItemStack such as


author :

title :

and pages


But I have no idea where to start or what to do...

Can anyone help me with this ? :) I hope i could explain myself :)

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I got dis for you.

I found it in the WritableBook and EditableBook classes

This is what i had:

ItemStack tomeStack = new ItemStack(Item.writableBook);
NBTTagList bookPages = new NBTTagList("pages");
bookPages.appendTag(new NBTTagString("1", "Insert text here."));
bookPages.appendTag(new NBTTagString("2", "Insert moar text here."));
tomeStack.setTagInfo("pages", bookPages);
tomeStack.setTagInfo("author", new NBTTagString("author", "Author name here"));
tomeStack.setTagInfo("title", new NBTTagString("title", "Title here"));
tomeStack.itemID = Item.writtenBook.itemID;

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