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Help please: Converting my mod to a forge mod


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I currently have a mod that modifies base classes to do what it does.  I would like to convert this to Forge mod, if possible, so end users wouldn't need to further modify the Minecraft JAR.


Here are the things my mod does via base class editing;

  • max stack size depends on hunger value of food
  • bonemeal doesn't fertilize crops
  • crops only grow during daytime (not in torchlight)
  • eating speed depends on food value
  • tooltips on food
  • walking / swimming triple exhaustion
  • crops take twice as long to grow
  • hunger depletes faster
  • low hunger gives negative effects
  • low health gives negative effects
  • heal heals slower
  • Modifies the hunger/saturation value of vanilla foods

Are these modifications possible without modifying base classes?  If so, would some one be so kind as to point me in the right direction with regard to hooks I can use, etc.

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Yep, Reflection and/or ASM will be the best way to do most of what you mentioned there. Reflection can take care of some of the simpler changes, but if you need to significantly mess around in the vanilla code as it loads, ASM is the best (and most complicated, unfortunately) way to take care of that without actually modifying a line of the base classes.

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