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[1.15.2] How do I make custom armor model?


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I want to add wings on both sides of boots.

So far, I have learned that my model needs to extend BipedModel and use addChild to attach ModelRenderer to parts.

And my item needs to extend ArmorItem and override getArmorTexture and getArmorModel.

What I do not understand is how to follow vanilla armor models.

Vanilla armor model has to layers with size of 0.5 and 1.

I have extended the first layer to 64 by 64 to include textures for wings.

How should my model class look to attach wings on both sides of boots without creating two ModelRenderers?

And how should my item class look to use two layers?

I have spent hours to find some tutorials but they were all either recoloring vanilla textures or adding one model on head.

Any examples of custom armor models on top of vanilla armor model would be really appreciated.

Also, which program does everyone use when modelling?

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2 hours ago, chubel10 said:

Have you tried using blockbench? Maybe some tutorials on that would help


I am using Blockbench. However, I cannot get position correctly. I use skin and add cubes to parts. Do I have to use modded entity? Because using position values from Blockbench places cubes differently on Minecraft. Also, the first layer has size of 1 and the second layer has size of 0.5. How should I apply these values on Blockbench?

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To be completely honest, I don't actually know (sorry). 


All I can tell you is that probably:

-It could be an issue with the renderer rather than the model itself.

-Modded entity exports as Java code (but only supports up to 1.14 natively but the changes that need to be done are small).

-I think that armor models are handled in .JSON files rather than classes but I could be completely wrong.


I hope this tutorial can help in some way:



I hope you figure it out.


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