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Locked out of server


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I am hosting a modded server on my computer, to play with some friends. I have a server and a client running on the same machine, and all was working fine until today. My client is joining

Everyday I update my mods to the latest version. Today I did it too, but I couldn't join my server anymore. So I went back to the "yesterday" version of my mods. Sadly, I didn't do a backup of my world directory. Now I'm stuck and I'm afraid my world has been damaged by going from one version of mods to another and back ...


I use Forge-1.15.2-31.1.46 and the following mods are installed :

Client Mods :


[✔️] [1.15.2]+SecurityCraft+v1.8.17

[✔️] AdChimneys-1.15.2-

[✔️] AdditionalEnchantedMiner-1.15.2-15.2.6

[✔️] AdFinders-1.15.2-

[✔️] alchemistry-1.15.2-5

[✔️] alib-1.15.2-1

[✔️] Aquaculture-1.15.2-2.0.13

[✔️] BiomesOPlenty-1.15.2-

[✔️] bluepower-1.15.2-0.4.188-alpha-universal

[✔️] Bookshelf-1.15.2-5.5.33

[✔️] Botania+r1.15-382

[✔️] BotanyPots-1.15.2-2.0.14

[✔️] branders-wellfedmod-1.15.2-1.2.0

[✔️] campfiretorches-1.15.2-1.0.2

[✔️] cc-tweaked-1.15.2-1.87.1

[✔️] chemlib-1.15.2-3

[✔️] Clumps-5.0.2

[✔️] cofh_core-1.15.2-0.4.0b

[✔️] comforts-FORGE-1.15.2-2.0

[✔️] Controlling-6.1.4

[✔️] Cucumber-1.15.2-3.0.3

[✔️] curios-FORGE-1.15.2-

[✔️] Cyclic-1.15.2-0.3.4

[✔️] DarkUtilities-1.15.2-3.0.3

[✔️] elevatorid-1.15.2-1.7.0

[✔️] embellishcraft-1.15.2-

[✔️] engineersdecor-1.15.2-1.0.20-b5

[✔️] engineerstools-1.15.2-1.0.6

[✔️] Experience-Container-1.15-1.7

[✔️] extlights-2.0

[✔️] extraboats-1.3.2-1.15.2

[✔️] FastLeafDecay-v22

[✔️] ForgeEndertech-1.15.2-

[✔️] furniture-7.0.0-pre16-1.15.1

[✔️] gardentools-1.15.2-1.0.0

[✔️] globalxp-1.15.2-v1.4.11

[✔️] gravestone-1.17.3

[✔️] Hwyla-forge-1.10.8-B72_1.15.2

[✔️] Indicatia-1.15.2-3.0.1

[✔️] Industrial+Agriculture[Core]-1.15.2-1.7.0

[✔️] Industrial+Agriculture[Industrial+Foregoing]-1.15.2-1.6.1

[✔️] Industrial+Agriculture[Mekanism]-1.15.2-1.6.1

[✔️] Industrial+Agriculture[Silent's+Gems]-1.15.2-1.6.6

[✔️] Industrial+Agriculture[Silent's+Mechanisms]-1.15.2-1.6.0

[✔️] industrial-foregoing-1.15.2-2.2.2-28d4a81

[✔️] Industrial-Reborn-1.15.2-0.3.0

[✔️] invtweaks-1.15.2-1.0.3

[✔️] JAOPCA-1.15.2-

[✔️] jei-1.15.2-

[✔️] journeymap-1.15.2-5.7.0beta1

[✔️] justenoughbeacons-2.0

[✔️] Lollipop-1.15.2-1.0.14

[✔️] lottaterracotta-1.15.2-1.1.0

[✔️] Ma-Essentials-1.15.2-3.0.3

[✔️] mapperbase-1.15.2-

[✔️] mcjtylib-1.15-4.0.3-alpha

[✔️] mcw-windows-1.0.1-mc1.15.2_1.15.1

[✔️] Mekanism-1.15.2-

[✔️] MekanismAdditions-1.15.2-

[✔️] MekanismGenerators-1.15.2-

[✔️] MekanismTools-1.15.2-

[✔️] mgui-1.15.2-2.1.1

[✔️] minecolonies-0.11.876-ALPHA-universal

[✔️] mininggadgets-1.3.5

[✔️] MixinBootstrap-1.0.3

[✔️] MoreMekanismOres-1.15.2-1.0.5

[✔️] Morpheus-1.15.2-4.2.50

[✔️] music_player-1.15.2-

[✔️] MysticalAgradditions-1.15.2-3.0.0

[✔️] MysticalAgriculture-1.15.2-3.0.1

[✔️] NaturesAura-23.5

[✔️] obfuscate-0.4.2-1.15.2

[✔️] pamhc2crops-1.15.2-1.0.3

[✔️] pamhc2foodcore-1.15.2-1.0.2

[✔️] pamhc2trees-1.15.2-1.0.3

[✔️] Patchouli-1.15.2-1.2-31

[✔️] planttech2-0.02.04+-+1.15.2

[✔️] pokecube-aio-1.15.2-2.0.13

[✔️] Powah-1.15.2-1.1.12

[✔️] ProjectE-1.15.2-PE1.0.3B

[✔️] QuantumStorage-1.15.2-5.1.1

[✔️] rad-1.15-3.0.0

[✔️] rainbowstone-1.15.2-1.1.2

[✔️] randompatches-1.15.2-

[✔️] refinedstorage-1.8.1

[✔️] refinedstorageaddons-0.6.1

[✔️] resynth-4.1.0

[✔️] rftoolsbase-1.15-1.0.1-alpha

[✔️] rftoolsbuilder-1.15-2.0.1-alpha

[✔️] rftoolspower-1.15-2.0.1-alpha

[✔️] rftoolsstorage-1.15-1.0.3-alpha

[✔️] rftoolsutility-1.15-2.0.1-alpha

[✔️] RingOfAttraction-1.15.2-1.1.28

[✔️] RingOfEnderchest-1.15.2-1.1.26

[✔️] RingOfGrowth-1.15.2-1.1.25

[✔️] RingOfMiner-1.15.2-1.1.23

[✔️] RingOfRepair-1.15.2-1.1.25

[✔️] RingOfReturn-1.15.2-1.0.7

[✔️] RingOfTeleport-1.15.2-1.1.24

[✔️] rsgauges-1.15.2-1.2.3-b1

[✔️] ScalableCatsForce-2.13.1-build-6-with-library

[✔️] SereneSeasons-1.15.2-

[✔️] SilentGear-1.15.2-1.6.0+86

[✔️] SilentGems-1.15.2-3.5.2+85

[✔️] SilentLib-1.15.2-4.6.0+48

[✔️] SilentMechanisms-1.15.2-0.7.0+50

[✔️] SolarFluxReborn-1.15.2-15.0.0

[✔️] SteveKunG's-Lib-1.15.2-3.0.3

[✔️] StevesFactoryManager-1.15.2-4.0.0-alpha+1

[✔️] StorageDrawers-1.15.2-7.0.2

[✔️] structurize-0.10.305-ALPHA

[✔️] sweetconcrete-1.15.2-1.6.0

[✔️] tetra-1.15.2-2.4.0

[✔️] TheVeggieWay-1.15.2-2.1.32

[✔️] thutcore-1.15.2-7.0.3

[✔️] thutessentials-1.15.2-3.0.11

[✔️] thuttech-1.15.2-8.0.2

[✔️] titanium-1.15.2-2.3.7

[✔️] ToolBelt-1.15.2-1.14.1

[✔️] u_team_core-1.15.2-

[✔️] vehicle-mod-0.43.5-1.15.2

[✔️] XL-Food-Mod-1.15.2-2.2.2

[✔️] xnet-1.15-2.0.2-alpha

[✔️] YAMDA-5.0.3

Server mods :

  • All Client mods except:

[✔️] rad-1.15-3.0.0

[✔️] Indicatia-1.15.2-3.0.1

  • And with :

[✔️] dcintegration-1.1.14-1.15.jar


Server/Client side mods are binary checked using WinMerge and seem OK.


I'm locked out of my server : nobody can join anymore.


After the "Joining world" message, I get kicked and receive the following error message :


The server log prints this :

[23:00:39] [User Authenticator #7/INFO] [minecraft/ServerLoginNetHandler]: UUID of player B3lette is 2d933bca-b3da-4f0b-94a4-75693849e9a1
[23:00:39] [Netty Server IO #14/INFO] [journeymap/]: Dev Mode?
[23:01:05] [Server thread/INFO] [thutessentials/]: B3lette[/] logged in with entity id 735 at (-1.3923844753554724, 64.0, -705.7813407636404)
[23:01:05] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: B3lette joined the game
[23:01:05] [Server thread/INFO] [se.mi.te.da.DataManager/]: Sending data to client: B3lette
[23:01:05] [Server thread/INFO] [Waila/]: Syncing config to B3lette (2d933bca-b3da-4f0b-94a4-75693849e9a1)
[23:01:05] [Server thread/INFO] [thutessentials/]: Login detected, adding player to logins for defuzz.
[23:01:05] [Netty Server IO #14/ERROR] [minecraft/ArgumentTypes]: Could not serialize biomesoplenty.common.command.BiomeArgument@2857b861 (class biomesoplenty.common.command.BiomeArgument) - will not be sent to client!
[23:01:05] [Netty Server IO #14/ERROR] [minecraft/ArgumentTypes]: Could not serialize net.minecraftforge.server.command.ModIdArgument@2cedfd6d (class net.minecraftforge.server.command.ModIdArgument) - will not be sent to client!
[23:01:05] [Netty Server IO #14/ERROR] [minecraft/ArgumentTypes]: Could not serialize net.minecraftforge.server.command.EnumArgument@1f9a74db (class net.minecraftforge.server.command.EnumArgument) - will not be sent to client!
[23:01:05] [Netty Server IO #14/ERROR] [minecraft/ArgumentTypes]: Could not serialize net.minecraftforge.server.command.EnumArgument@61b4e80d (class net.minecraftforge.server.command.EnumArgument) - will not be sent to client!
[23:01:05] [Netty Server IO #14/ERROR] [minecraft/ArgumentTypes]: Could not serialize com.ldtteam.structurize.commands.arguments.MultipleStringArgument@db81c69 (class com.ldtteam.structurize.commands.arguments.MultipleStringArgument) - will not be sent to client!
[23:01:05] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/ServerPlayNetHandler]: B3lette lost connection: Disconnected
[23:01:05] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: B3lette left the game

The client log prints this :

[m[32m[23:02:15] [Render thread/INFO] [minecraft/ConnectingScreen]: Connecting to, 25565
[m[1;31m[23:02:16] [Netty Client IO #7/ERROR] [ne.mi.fm.ne.FMLHandshakeHandler/FMLHANDSHAKE]: Recieved unexpected index 0 in client reply
[m[32m[23:02:16] [Netty Client IO #7/INFO] [Silent's Gems/]: Received 124 soul info objects from server
[m[32m[23:02:16] [Netty Client IO #7/INFO] [Silent Gear/]: Read 48 traits from server
[m[32m[23:02:16] [Netty Client IO #7/INFO] [Silent Gear/]: Read 116 parts from server
[m[32m[23:02:16] [Netty Client IO #7/INFO] [journeymap/]: Dev Mode?
[m[32m[23:02:42] [Netty Client IO #7/INFO] [thutcore/]: Reading thutcrafts-server.toml
[m[32m[23:02:43] [Netty Client IO #7/INFO] [ne.mi.fm.ne.NetworkHooks/]: Connected to a modded server.
[m[33m[23:02:43] [Render thread/WARN] [minecolonies/]: World load
[m[32m[23:02:43] [Render thread/INFO] [minecolonies/]: Removed all colony views


Server and client Debug Logs : https://mega.nz/file/4Qk1DDpT#Uwe5TwwohXNQ8LeTKsEdPYs0TerdZ5Z2gNUNhdOS9Mo


I have no idea what to do ... Any clue ?

Thanks for reading

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I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled java (8u251-64bits).

I made a clean new 31.1.46 server (new world, mods from 5 days ago when I know it was working).

I made a new client instance, and I'm still locked out of any modded server, with the java.io.UTFDataFormatException error, with a varying malformed input index (when I connect I get 60 and then 80 for example).
How is it even possible ? I'm using the same versions that when it worked 5 days ago ! I'm so lost here ...


I am able to connect in vanilla though. I wonder if it is a hidden timeout error with modded connection that has to exchange infos (see above logs for FML handshake)


If anyone has a clue ...

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    • 월드컵 이종격투기 접속♪BCGAME88·COM▦ 폭스우드카지노 이종격투기 추천 월드컵 보츠와나 이종격투기 사이트 [본사문의 텔레 JBOX7]월드컵 이종격투기 ㏇↓ 리그 선시티 이종격투기 추천 월드컵 벨기에 월드컵 이종격투기 업체 [총판문의 카톡 JBOX7]월드컵 이종격투기 №▦ 경기 유럽 이종격투기 커뮤니티 월드컵 스리랑카 월드컵 이종격투기 홀덤바 [각종 오피 커뮤니티 제작]월드컵 이종격투기 ◐@ 리그 지부티 이종격투기 투어 월드컵 세인트빈센트 월드컵 이종격투기 홀덤바 [마케팅문의]월드컵 이종격투기 §▨ 캐쉬게임 세네갈 이종격투기 주소 월드컵 아틀란티스카지노 월드컵 이종격투기 포커대회 [카지노본사]월드컵 이종격투기 ↙◇ 방법 리히텐슈타인 이종격투기 홀덤바 월드컵 바누아투 월드컵 이종격투기 주소 [스포츠본사]월드컵 이종격투기 ▧○ 놀이터 세인트빈센트 이종격투기 업체 월드컵 콩고 월드컵 이종격투기 영상 [토토본사 문의]월드컵 이종격투기 ▥♥ 싸이트 탄자니아 이종격투기 단톡방 월드컵 MGM카지노 월드컵 이종격투기 바카라펍 [토토총판 구매]월드컵 이종격투기 ☞º 유투브 니제르 이종격투기 포커대회 월드컵 아프리카 월드컵 이종격투기 놀이터 [카지노총판]월드컵 이종격투기 ‡▲ 바카라펍 미얀마 이종격투기 경기 월드컵 슬로베니아 월드컵 이종격투기 도박장 [야마토본사]월드컵 이종격투기 ↖▤ 검증 남아프리카 이종격투기 방법 월드컵 MGM카지노 월드컵 이종격투기 중계 [바카라총판]월드컵 이종격투기 ▥▲ 검증 이란 이종격투기 쿠푼 월드컵 아랍에미리트 월드컵 이종격투기 경기 [경마총판]나미비아 이종격투기 싸이트 동티모르 이종격투기 추천 [BCGAME 비씨게임 총판문의]알림 설정 추천 구독 좋아요
    • 충신출장건마 ♥BCGAME88·COM† 신설출장건마 길동출장건마 중동출장건마 청담출장건마 vns76 옥수출장건마 오장출장건마 인사출장건마 수색출장건마 ojv48 역삼출장건마 안성출장건마 수서출장건마 오장출장건마 pet67 이태원출장건마 합정출장건마 통영출장건마 온수출장건마 tnn53 영암출장건마 경산출장건마 영등포출장건마 의정부출장건마 cbb66 과천출장건마 태평출장건마 천안출장건마 봉익출장건마 udg71 홍지출장건마 사당출장건마 갈현출장건마 강북출장건마 fnj01 효창출장건마 묵정출장건마 당주출장건마 합정출장건마 uri60 천왕출장건마 이화출장건마 인의출장건마 상일출장건마 ywa18 주성출장건마 화곡출장건마 제천출장건마 현저출장건마 iui11 서대문출장건마 연지출장건마 송현출장건마 마곡출장건마 wum02 당인출장건마 강남출장건마 통인출장건마 이천출장건마 jnn99 보광출장건마 강릉출장건마 통영출장건마 수유출장건마 nbs46 안산출장건마 가회출장건마 선릉출장건마 의정부출장건마 dhv01 해남출장건마 음성출장건마 개포출장건마 화방출장건마 yan70 토정출장건마 삼선출장건마 김제출장건마 춘천출장건마 dwq32 장사출장건마 한강출장건마 장위출장건마 전농출장건마 cwg43 산방출장건마 삼선출장건마 마포출장건마 도림출장건마 dox59 강릉출장건마 충정로출장건마 주자출장건마 옥수출장건마 bdo67 하남출장건마 의정부출장건마 삼척출장건마 대구출장건마 wvl76 잠원출장건마 파주출장건마 자곡출장건마 효제출장건마 wrh15 고창출장건마 경주출장건마 신창출장건마 잠원출장건마 vcs87 장위출장건마 하왕십리출장건마 도봉출장건마 화동출장건마 vcq57
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