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What to do if no one replies to my issue in support forum?


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I'm trying to be patient, but I've been trying to get help from various sources for a week now, and I'd hoped that posting in the support forum would be effective. I posted on Tuesday, but literally every single post since then has had a response except mine. What should I do?

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1 hour ago, CHead2000 said:

What should I do?

Post a reply to your original post saying "still need help" or something like that. It's ok to do that, I would just not do it more than once every day or 2, it's bad forum etiquette to "bump" your post after short periods of time (minutes/hours). It's possible no one knows the answer to your question, or you did not provide enough information (although /usually/ people will ask for logs/code/etc instead of just ignore it).


I know I personally won't respond to a thread if I don't have at the very least something useful to contribute, if not the answer. And there's a loooooot I don't know lol.


Good luck to you!!

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