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Making Custom Trees Spawn in Vanilla Biomes 1.15.2


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Hello, I am new to modding and I am trying to have my tree spawn on beaches. There appears to be very little information on how to spawn a custom tree on a vanilla biome. I already have the basics of the tree working (saplings grow it, leaves decay, sapling can be placed on sand etc.). I just cannot get anywhere on the generation. I have looked at sources of other mods, forums, Minecraft source files and I have not gotten anything to work.


I am open to any solution.

Here is the code to my tree if that helps:

public class PalmTree extends Tree {


public static final TreeFeatureConfig PALM_TREE_CONFIG = (new TreeFeatureConfig.Builder(

new SimpleBlockStateProvider(BlockInit.palm_log.getDefaultState()), new SimpleBlockStateProvider(BlockInit.palm_leaves.getDefaultState()), new BlobFoliagePlacer(3, 0))).baseHeight(6).heightRandA(5) .foliageHeight(1).ignoreVines().setSapling((IPlantable) BlockInit.palm_sapling).build();



protected ConfiguredFeature<TreeFeatureConfig, ?> getTreeFeature(Random randomIn, boolean b) {

return Feature.NORMAL_TREE.withConfiguration(PALM_TREE_CONFIG);



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You need to add your feature to the biome you want, look in net.minecraft.world.biome.DefaultBiomeFeatures for examples


You would do this in FMLCommmonSetupEvent, within a DeferredWorkQueue (the javadocs for it show how to use it)

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