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sildurs vibrant shaders BUG

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Hi everyone, 1 week ago I decided to install forge, I installed the mods and everything was going well until I decided to add the shader : sildurs vibrant, if I access from optifine it doesn't give me texture errors with the sky, but at the moment I play with forge the sky does very strange things... I leave you some screenshots so you can see what I mean, graphic and processor problem is not because I have an I7 16 GB RAM and a rtx 2080...




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Just now, Ugdhar said:

¿Qué versión de forge / optifine?

También publicar su debug.log puede ayudar a revelar la causa

the minecraft version is 12.2.2 the optifine version is 1.12.2 HD U F5 and the forge version is
I've tried other versions but it only fails when I run it with forge

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2 minutes ago, Ugdhar said:

Ah, 1.12 is no longer supported because it's old.

Only modern (1.14.4/1.15.2) versions are supported.

The LTS link at the top of every page has details on supported versions.

Oh wow, no problem, thanks anyway :)

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