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[1.15.2] Issues when adding ItemStack to player inventory


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In my mod I create a new block class, which when right-clicked it should give the player an item. Well, I managed to get it working properly, but then I added more lines of code to it and it stopped working. I've tried removing everything but the required lines (as I think it was when it worked) and it is not working. I hope you can fin what I'm doing wrong in the code I attach (note that some method overrides are missing, I'm not attaching the whole code, just the needed).


package com.name.modid.objects.blocks;

//Imports here

public class ModBlock extends Block {
  	//Some missing methods here, don't mind. They exist in my code.
	public static final Item item_var = null;
	ItemStack item_stack = new ItemStack(item_var);
	public ActionResultType onBlockActivated(BlockState state, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, PlayerEntity player, Hand handIn, BlockRayTraceResult hit) {
		return ActionResultType.SUCCESS;


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1 hour ago, TowerMX said:

ItemStack item_stack = new ItemStack(item_var);

You cannot do that statically (well not exactly static, but the block is constructed way before the correct time to do this). The item isn't initialized at that time, and the object holder is still null. You probably don't want it to be singletons anyways.

Create a new stack and give it to the player inside onBlockActivated.


You are also adding to the player's inventory on both sides, while it should only be done on the server. Use World#isRemote (returns false on server and true on client) to check if you are on the server side.

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