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Suggestion: Mod IDs


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Something I've been noticing and was hoping someone would find a workaround for it is all these conflicting IDs from all these mods, even with 4096 Block IDs available there is still too many IDs being double and triple(or more) used by several different mods.


The idea I have is thus: Mod IDs. A "Mod ID" is an ID given to a specific mod so that any Block or Item ID used by that mod are registered to that mod's ID value and therefore referenced through that value. Thus allowing mods to use any and all Block ID values without conflicting with other mods.


I do understand that what I'm suggesting may require an extensive overhaul of how Forge is written, and therefore am not afraid of this suggestion not taken too seriously. However, as a solution to a potential future dilemma (possibly even current?), I am making this suggestion to see where everyone's thoughts on the matter lies.

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