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Unable to load model


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Hello, i only started to learn Forge modding. I followed to guide here www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX-nyprSDAM

 to create item (for instance, sun_crystal). I created item, gave it name, created .json files in .../lang, .../models and .../textures. For some reason, when i compile and run project in intellij, it says [Server-Worker-3/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Unable to load model: 'mom:sun_crystal#inventory' referenced from: mom:sun_crystal#inventory: java.io.FileNotFoundException: mom:models/item/sun_crystal.json

, and so it does not register model for sun crystal and does not register texture fore it, despite I clearly see sun_crystal.json in .../models/item/


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You're passing com.monroth.arcanapp.master_of_magic.MOD_ID as the deferred registry's ID, which is "arcpp" from the sounds of it. However, your mod's id is "mom".

Also, your assets aren't in the right directory for either of those ids, as that's titled "master_of_magic".

My recommendation would be to pick one of those three and stick with it.

I'm eager to learn and am prone to mistakes. Don't hesitate to tell me how I can improve.

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Somewhere between posting first time and creating github i tried to change modname\modId from arcanapp\arcpp to master_of_magic\mom, and it seems that there was some unchanged parts left ) ok, i fixed that. However, i thought that folder in /assets/ is not necessary named as modId, as otherwise how did it found en_us.json in /lang/? Name of item was shown correctly.


Anyway, that solved problem only partially. After fixing name of folder in assets, model started to register, but texture

[03:07:52] [Server-Worker-4/ERROR] [minecraft/AtlasTexture]: Using missing texture, unable to load mom:textures/items/sun_crystal.png : java.io.FileNotFoundException: mom:textures/items/sun_crystal.png

is still missing, for unclear reasons


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