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[1.15.2 | 1.16.1] Earth2Java

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    • Ethera is Recruiting!   Ethera is a custom coded rpg mmo minecraft server. We are two years into development.  The server includes;  - Custom coded, dynamic, world generation (Our world is constantly & automatically changing) - Custom coded dungeon generator and  - Upgradeable settlement system - A custom coded professions and economy system.  - We can add original, new biomes to the world while players play.   We are looking for volunteers to join our amazing, dedicated, and creative Staff Team!   We are looking for anyone with skills in: - Building ( World Edit is an asset) - Java Development/ Plugin-Development - Plugin Configuration - Discord Bot Development - Web Design and Development - Digital Art - 3D modeling and Blockbench   -We have an age requirement -Having a working microphone is mandatory.   If you are interested you can join our discord: https://discord.gg/H9akt3C Or DM :   Kalinox#0001
    • Javadocs are built off crowdsourced mappings/docs that change depending on the status of the crowdsourced projects. So, no there is no good javadocs project or website because they always change. You're more then free to build the javadocs yourself for your workspace. And/Or use your IDE's built in javadoc reader. The only/best official docs are https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ created by users in this repo: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Documentation
    • right, well the trouble with creating a copy on the main thread is that the data is going to be modified as the world is running, particularly from the overworld (seeing as this chunk generator is designed to work for a specific dimension). so ideally I need the data to be the most up to date the moment I create a new chunk. That being said if the data changes while the chunk is being generated (or preferably when the region is being generated), the main thread still needs to keep track of that but I don't want the chunk generator to have its copy changed. So getting a hold of the TardisManager is done through a thread safe map atm. Getting a reference to the specific tardis required is currently done from a non-thread safe map so can I just make it a thread safe map and that will be fine. If so then real difficulty seems to be then getting all of the data from the Tardis object that map holds a reference too. As discussed the best way to do that is to try and create a copy of it in a thread safe manor for use by the chunk generator. The question obviously is how. I presume then synchronised won't help me out here as I can't make every function that writes into this data structure so I need to somehow lock the whole datastructure for writing at the start of the copy function and unlock it at the end, how do you think I might do this? If this is the case should I remove synchronised from getThreadedTardisForPos function?  
    • Nope, it definitely unloaded (checked using the debugger). I spawned the entity at -10000 / -10000. I will investigate more tomorrow though.
    • Thank you for giving it your attention! You might have made the entity too close to the spawn chunks so its always loaded, that happened to me when I was trying to recreate the bug.
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