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[1.15.2] Get EntityItem true age


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I am trying to make myself an overlay to show how much time I have to pick up items before they despawns.


I found I can get the max amount of time in

EntityItem item = myItem item.lifespan

And then assumed it would be easy to find my value :

time_left_for_pickup = String.format("%d", (item.lifespan - item.ticksExisted) / 20 /*ticks per second*/);

But this value starts at 0 every time the item enters my render distance. I also found


but even this starts at 0 every time the item gets loaded. So I always have a countdown from 5 minutes, but it isn't anyhow helpful because I can't know what the actual age of the item is, I can just show how long the item has been in render distance.


Can I even get this information clientside? Or the true age of an item is reserved for the server?


I'm now using Minecraft 1.15.2 and Forge 31.2.0


Edit: it's a duplicate but last thread got closed immediately with no chance to ask further info. My mod is tiny and version doesn't matter, so yeh I am loading it in 1.15.2 now

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I don't think that information is sync'd from the server to the client.

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