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[Solved][1.15.2] Can't register Structure


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I'm trying to add a structure to my mod, following this example, but the Registry.register function gives me an error. I know it's not the same forge version, but I kinda hoped it would still work.

I get 2 errors : first "String is not a functional interface" when I try to pass my Piece just like in the example, second I get "init\ModBusEvents.java:21: error: 'void' type not allowed here
                args.getRegistry().register(new Tower(NoFeatureConfig::deserialize) void type not authorized here"


Here's my repo, the important files are in the structures and init packages.


I hope you'll be able to help me,

thanks anyway,

Best regards,


Nevermind, I failed to correctly match what's in the example...

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Found the problem
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Look closer at the registry event code, you've got 2 lines of code from my example smashed together into 1 line of code.


public static void registerFeatures(RegistryEvent.Register<Feature<?>> args) {
	 StrucTest.BRICK_HOUSE_PIECE = Registry.register(Registry.STRUCTURE_PIECE, StrucTest.HOUSE_LOC, BrickHousePiece.Piece::new);
	 args.getRegistry().register(new BrickHouse(NoFeatureConfig::deserialize).setRegistryName(StrucTest.HOUSE_LOC));



public static void registerFeatures(RegistryEvent.Register<Feature<?>> args) {
    ModStructurePieceTypes.TOWER_PIECE = Registry.register(Registry.STRUCTURE_PIECE,
            args.getRegistry().register(new Tower(NoFeatureConfig::deserialize)


Also please post your debug.log (pref. as a github gist), it will provide more info than summarized error messages :)

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