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[1.15.2] Dynamic Item texture creation


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Yes it is

Here's a working example of texturing an item with a custom quad


DynamicTexture is suitable for creating an image in code.

If you search this forum for DynamicTexture you'll find some recents posts about dynamic textures (Elytra, wolves)






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7 minutes ago, BeardlessBrady said:

It seems that AtlasTexture and ModelLoader.instance().getSpriteMap... is no longer the same as your guide. Do you know how accessing those things have changed?

It seems to still be correct for me


// we have previously registered digitsTexture in StartupClientOnly::onTextureStitchEvent
AtlasTexture blocksStitchedTextures = ModelLoader.instance().getSpriteMap().getAtlasTexture(AtlasTexture.LOCATION_BLOCKS_TEXTURE);
TextureAtlasSprite digitsTextures = blocksStitchedTextures.getSprite(digitsTextureRL);

These compile fine


Check you build.gradle?


mappings channel: 'snapshot', version: '20200514-1.15.1'
minecraft 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.15.2-31.2.0'


public class AtlasTexture extends Texture implements ITickable {
   private static final Logger LOGGER = LogManager.getLogger();
   public static final ResourceLocation LOCATION_BLOCKS_TEXTURE = PlayerContainer.LOCATION_BLOCKS_TEXTURE;
   public static final ResourceLocation LOCATION_PARTICLES_TEXTURE = new ResourceLocation("textures/atlas/particles.png");
   private final List<TextureAtlasSprite> listAnimatedSprites = Lists.newArrayList();
   private final Set<ResourceLocation> sprites = Sets.newHashSet();
   private final Map<ResourceLocation, TextureAtlasSprite> mapUploadedSprites = Maps.newHashMap();
   private final ResourceLocation textureLocation;
   private final int maximumTextureSize;

   public AtlasTexture(ResourceLocation textureLocationIn) {
      this.textureLocation = textureLocationIn;
      this.maximumTextureSize = RenderSystem.maxSupportedTextureSize();



public SpriteMap getSpriteMap() {
   return this.spriteMap;

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One last thing... I am having trouble properly coloring the quads:




On these specific lines you can set a parameter to a color, if I change any of them from white to anything else it just turns teal, any ideas?

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Also I just want to make sure I'm doing this efficiently. I'm trying to dynamically create a texture in game. Is the best way to do it like your example where instead of filling a chess board with diamond blocks (I'll use a blank texture), the blocks will represent each individual pixel.


If you get what I mean would adding these many quads cause any lag or am I doing this wrong/not efficiently?

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