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[1.15.2] Armor items


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Can anyone link me to a tutorial or example mod that shows how to make armor items in 1.15.2? I tried around with making armor items but I can't figure out some parts like the sound event, repair material, and the equipment slot type.


I'm confused as to how to use the SoundEvent class, the Ingredient class, and the EquipmentSlotType class.

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Have you tried something already?

Are you trying to make armor like the vanilla armors, or armor with a completely custom model? I am not aware of any tutorials showing how to make armor items, however for vanilla-like armors, using the vanilla code as an example should be quite helpful. And then if it does not work as expected, post a link to code and logs here, with explanation of what's wrong.


What about the classes (EquipmentSlotType and ArmorMaterial are actually enums) you mentioned are you confused about?

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How to ask a good coding question: https://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask

Give logs, code, desired effects, and actual effects. Be thorough or we can't help you. Don't post code without putting it in a code block (the <> button on the post - select "C-type Language"): syntax highlighting makes everything easier, and it keeps the post tidy.


My own mod, Magiks Most Evile: GitHub (https://github.com/GenElectrovise/MagiksMostEvile) Wiki (https://magiksmostevile.fandom.com/wiki/Magiks_Most_Evile_Wiki)

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