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Need Help With Modifying Clouds/Weather (New to modding) (1.16.1)


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So I am really new to modding and I would like to know how how to modify Minecraft cloud generation. I couldn't really find anything useful online and I don't really how I should set up the mod's directory for it.

This is the current mod's directory:

Click Me!

If anybody could tell me how to set the mod files up for cloud/overworld weather modification that would be great. (Again, I could only find tutorials for implementing items/mobs/blocks/and biomes, but not directly modifying the in-game weather. Also, I should note that I am using the newest 1.16.1 forge version as of posting this topic).

By the way, if anyone's curious, I am trying to achieve something like this:
Click Me!

(Feel free to post suggestions on how I could implement this cloud system as well. I usually like figuring things out on my own, but I'll take advice/tips)

(Also I wasn't sure whether i should've posted this in the sub-forum 'ForgeGradle' since it kinda has to do with Forge's system of making mods, or the main modding forum since it also has to do with purely modding, so I just decided to post it here)

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If it's your first time making a mod this really isn't the best way to start, do some small projects to get a grasp on how forge works.


This is non-trivial to do in a proper game engine and you need OpenGL know-how if someone wants to do it without one. But even then it's likely not possible to do in Minecraft the way you want to. To do this you need to look up terrain information block-by-block, write to a texture, and read from it the next frame (you can't read/write to a texture at the same time in OpenGL).


On top of all that, you can't do this the same way you'd do it in a normal C/C++ project with Opengl because minecraft abstracts said OpenGL calls and changes the states as it does it own thing.

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