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Civilization Wars Rerelease! Brand New Content!! [PVP] {TOWNY} {WAR} {1.15.2} {1.8 PVP} {BUILDING} {RAIDING} {REALISTIC} {ECONOMY} {GRIEF PROTECTION}


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Create or join a town, make a nation, and expand your empire! Go to war, fight for land, power, and domination! Forge long lasting alliances, trade, and build magnificent cities. Go neutral, pull the strings from the shadows, or enjoy a nice simple life. Create ChestShops and markets within your towns for a unique trading experience. Join us on community karaoke nights, enjoy our pig races, we love creating fun community events for everyone to enjoy. Civilization Wars offers a superior platform to PvP, Survival, Building, and Economy, all combined into one. Join now and play alongside the 12k player-base!

IP: play.civwars.net Discord: https://discord.gg/aHuANf6

Civilization Wars Features:

Content Update / Re-Release: "We took our server into maintenance for 3 weeks to make huge improvements. The month before we put our server into maintenance we were averaging 27 players. After a large war ended our player count dropped. We took this as an opportunity to add tons of brand new content. We have listened to player complaints; we have fixed bugs and added fun new plugins and original concepts we are sure you will love."

Towny: Our server incorporates a custom-coded Towny plugin. Towny allows you to create towns and nations. Nations can interact with one another, whether this be making alliances, or making enemies.

War and Raiding: Here we have fair and organized war, no losing your bases while you're asleep. Conquer enemy land by planting fence posts or war flags on outer enemy territory. If you can successfully keep up the war flag, that land is now yours. This allows for wars to be strictly PvP based, where the better army wins the war.

Warmongering: Due to past instances of one group growing to big and dominating the server through war, we have implemented new features and changes to limit the Warmongering and allow players time to grow their economies, cities, and political systems free of worry. But don't be too relaxed, the ability to war is still there!

Politics: Many players on Civilization Wars enjoy coming up with vastly complex and differentiated political systems to govern their cities and nations by. If you are looking for this type of gameplay, join today and join a community of like-minded players! Players build reputation. We have a custom coded karma plugin. Certain actions increase or lower a players karma. Karma does effect gameplay, your actions have effects!

Staff: Staff members that are senior moderators below are given the ability to play as players due to the lack of perms they could abuse if they chose to. Anything above that are forbidden from playing as a player whether on their account or an alternate one. This prevents abusive staff like most servers have a problem with. So you have no need to worry about that! Any staff members who play as players aren't above you as players!

Vanilla: Experience original survival with your friends. When you join the server, we only give you enough food and supplies for your first trek out of the wilderness portal. Our server keeps the wonderful vanilla survival experience with it, meaning few restrictions to certain vanilla gameplay elements, nor anything to modify original survival mechanics.

Building: The possibilities for building are endless. Towny allow you to collaborate with friends to create wonderful builds. Towns are claimed areas of land, and this area may compose of up to 2000+ townblocks of 16 by 16 blocks. Make your town an architectural wonder, and create a thriving city with a bustling economy and infrastructure.

PvP and Balance: Our entire world has PvP enabled, including all towns. If you are in a Nation, you can ally and enemy other Nations, making organized, fair, and fun wars and raids. Unlike most Factions/McMMO, where the god factions with OP axes that can destroy your iron armor in one hit, and the donators with god armor, and the OP drop parties. Everything on Civilization Wars is fair and balanced. If you vote, you don't get diamonds or if you donate, you don't get fly or vanish. If you combat log on Civilization Wars, you automatically die and drop all your items. We have a custom made Knock Back to simulate 1.8 PVP in 1.15. Our PVPers highly recommend it. Nations that want to opt out a war can waive the white flag. The option to make a treaty is on our community forums.

Economy: We have implemented a balanced economy and market systems. On the main server market, you cannot sell items, allowing for a unique trading experience. Create a market within your city, in which players can create shops and sell or buy at other shops, owned by other players. This allows for a true economy. The only hard currency we use are diamonds, which can be sold for a fixed price at spawn. We have added the jobs and fishing plugin. Now you can profit off enjoying and grinding for your favorite pastime!

Mining Rewards: Here on Civilization Wars we have implemented a custom feature called Lost souls. These lost souls can be found while mining under the Y level of 30 and are used to purchase items from the soul well!! Thus you can't pay real money for them and all players get the ability to find them! Start searching today!

Create a town, raid, and fight for domination. Become the wealthiest player on the server with our economy. Forge alliances and friendships and make countless memories. Find your path and help your town to rise to the top. Join us today and be the master of your own destiny!!

Useful Links/Info: Forums: http://civwars.net/forums/ Rules: http://civwars.net/forums/threads/server-rules.1050/#post-8491 Discord: https://discord.gg/aHuANf6 Server IP: Play.civwars.net Version: 1.15.2

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