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Minecraft "Mooshroom Mushroom" Crash

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Hey, I'm Level100Eevee, and I use a Minecraft PVP Client called Badlion Client, and I decided to switch over to Forge and download some mods, however it just kept saying:


Game Crashed

The game crashed whilst initializing game

Error: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Tried to access field

net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.RenderLivingEntity (I took a screenshot of it and it couldn't extend any further)

from class

net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.layers.LayerMooshroomMushroom (It also couldn't extend any further but that's the most I remember)

And I tried uninstalling loads of mods that I had and it still kept happening until it stopped happening, but I still couldn't access Minecraft because it kept popping up with an error message that Forge couldn't find a mod which had something to do with the player, but I never even installed or deleted anything to due with the player, just Minecraft Enchancements and mods such as the Wings Mod, Optifine, etc.

So if you know how to get rid of this problem I really would appreciate it rather than just looking at this topic and going: Oh, this is nothing I need to look at, it's too boring and I can't be bothered


Best Regards-


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