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structure spawning on air


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I'm figuring out structures atm myself. You have to check that the terrain elevation is within an allowed range. If you look at the minecraft source you'll find the code to do this.


Call a surface height range checker during the canBeGenerated method of your structure class:


protected boolean surfaceCheck(@Nonnull ChunkGenerator<?> chunkGenerator, int chunkX, int chunkZ)
        int offset = getSize() * 16;
        int xStart = (chunkX << 4);
        int zStart = (chunkZ << 4);

        int c1 = chunkGenerator.func_222531_c(xStart, zStart, Heightmap.Type.WORLD_SURFACE_WG);
        int c2 = chunkGenerator.func_222531_c(xStart, zStart + offset, Heightmap.Type.WORLD_SURFACE_WG);
        int c3 = chunkGenerator.func_222531_c(xStart + offset, zStart, Heightmap.Type.WORLD_SURFACE_WG);
        int c4 = chunkGenerator.func_222531_c(xStart + offset, zStart + offset, Heightmap.Type.WORLD_SURFACE_WG);

        int lowerHeight = Math.min(Math.min(c1, c2), Math.min(c3, c4));
        int upperHeight = Math.max(Math.max(c1, c2), Math.max(c3, c4));

        LOGGER.info("Area Height Range" + lowerHeight + " to " + upperHeight);

        boolean isFlat = Math.abs(upperHeight - lowerHeight) <= getHeightDelta(); 
  // getHeightDelta() should just return the maximum elevation change you want to allow your structure to generate on (this can be a property at the top of the class and set on a per-structure basis). A value of 3 will allow for your structure to generate over a 3 block elevation change, lower numbers require flatter terrain but will (depending on the size of your structure) reduce the opportunities for the structure to spawn.

        return isFlat;



Call it something like this:

In canBeGenerated method:

if (surfaceCheck(chunkGenerator, chunkX, chunkZ))
   ... Continue with other checks



The other option, which I'm trying to figure out, is generating blocks underneath the structure if they are air or water (which Minecraft does for certain structures). Not that I have figured out how to implement that.

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