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[1.15.2] Applying random textures to the block model

Ragna Aarok

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I'm trying to make a column block that has random textures on all four of its sides. The closest I've been able to get with this is by choosing a random model from the blockstate like this:


This, however, results in the models being picked randomly, but the textures on their sides are all the same. I thought I could try changing the block model to look similar to my blockstate, but either it's not possible, or I cannot seem to get the formatting right... Any help? Here's what I've got so far on my block model for reference.


Thanks in advance!

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You could perhaps use a multipart block, similar to this


One multipart for each side, always true (so that all four sides show), with a random block model for each side.  If multipart lets you use random models for each part, that will probably give you what you want.


If that doesn't work, you could use a dynamic blockmodel

eg working examples here (but much more complicated than just using blockstate)




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