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Using the DifficultyChangeEvent


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Hi everyone,


I'm having issues using this event. All I did was add a simple logger to it, and it does not log when I change difficulty through commands in game (/difficulty peaceful), while other events do log properly.

Here is the code:

package com.eon.sharkmod.events;

import com.eon.sharkmod.SharkMod;

import net.minecraft.world.Difficulty;
import net.minecraftforge.api.distmarker.Dist;
import net.minecraftforge.event.DifficultyChangeEvent;
import net.minecraftforge.eventbus.api.SubscribeEvent;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus;

@Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = SharkMod.MOD_ID, bus = Bus.FORGE)
public class DifficultyChangeEventHandler {
	public static void difficultyChangeEvent(DifficultyChangeEvent event) {
		Difficulty newDiff = event.getDifficulty();
		SharkMod.LOGGER.info("Hey! New dif: " + newDiff + ", old dif: " + event.getOldDifficulty());


Neither of these logs print. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've tried changing the bus to MOD, even tho I knew it was dumb (it didn't work).

I was also maybe thinking that this event only fires if the difficulty is changed through actual java code (instead of commands), so I tried this:


First, this did change the difficulty but did not fire the event. I also put this line in the tick() method, and then launched my game and tried changing difficulty with commands all while difficulty was changing with the every tick, but nothing logged.


What am I doing wrong? Is there some other way of knowing when the difficulty changes? I'd like to adjust my shark's ai goals and stats


Thank you!

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