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[1.16.1] correct use of DeferredWorkQueue


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It's been a very short time that I've been trying to develop mods with Forge. I understand after reading a lot of things on this forum that FMLCommonSetupEvent is not thread safe. It was advised to use DeferredWorkQueue to overcome this problem.

But I don't understand exactly how to use this function properly and I can't find any resource explaining it clearly enough. Can you help me?


Thank you!

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53 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

That is false. FMLCommonSetupEvent is however fired in parallel for all mods. What isn't threadsafe is many of Minecraft's data structures. So when accessing those you must schedule a task to run (usually a Runnable) after the parallel dispatch on the main thread. To do this you use DeferredWorkQueue.

I had misunderstood this nuance thank you for this clarification and explanation!

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