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[1.16.2] Custom Flower Generation In Vanilla Biomes


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I wanted to let my custom flowers generate in vanilla biomes, but I don't know how to do it anymore. Here is the code I used in 1.16.1, which worked fine:

public class FlowerGeneration {

	public static void setupFlowerGeneration() {
		BlockState state_heart = BlockList.heart_flower.getDefaultState();
		BlockState state_sun = BlockList.sun_flower.getDefaultState();
		BlockClusterFeatureConfig HEART_FLOWER_CONFIG = (new BlockClusterFeatureConfig.Builder((new WeightedBlockStateProvider()).addWeightedBlockstate(state_heart, 2), new SimpleBlockPlacer())).tries(64).build(); 
		BlockClusterFeatureConfig SUN_FLOWER_CONFIG = (new BlockClusterFeatureConfig.Builder((new WeightedBlockStateProvider()).addWeightedBlockstate(state_sun, 2), new SimpleBlockPlacer())).tries(64).build(); 
		for(Biome biome: ForgeRegistries.BIOMES) {
			if(biome==Biomes.SAVANNA||biome==Biomes.SAVANNA_PLATEAU||biome==Biomes.SUNFLOWER_PLAINS||biome==Biomes.FLOWER_FOREST||biome==Biomes.MOUNTAIN_EDGE||biome==Biomes.MOUNTAINS||biome==Biomes.WOODED_HILLS||biome==Biomes.WOODED_MOUNTAINS||biome==Biomes.PLAINS||biome==Biomes.FOREST||biome==Biomes.BIRCH_FOREST||biome==Biomes.BIRCH_FOREST_HILLS||biome==Biomes.DARK_FOREST||biome==Biomes.DARK_FOREST_HILLS) {
			biome.addFeature(Decoration.VEGETAL_DECORATION, Feature.FLOWER.withConfiguration(HEART_FLOWER_CONFIG).withPlacement(Placement.COUNT_HEIGHTMAP_32.configure(new FrequencyConfig(2))));
			if(biome == Biomes.PLAINS|| biome == Biomes.SUNFLOWER_PLAINS || biome == Biomes.BAMBOO_JUNGLE || biome == Biomes.BAMBOO_JUNGLE_HILLS || biome == Biomes.JUNGLE || biome == Biomes.JUNGLE_EDGE || biome == Biomes.JUNGLE_HILLS || biome == Biomes.MODIFIED_JUNGLE || biome == Biomes.MODIFIED_JUNGLE_EDGE) {
			biome.addFeature(Decoration.VEGETAL_DECORATION, Feature.FLOWER.withConfiguration(SUN_FLOWER_CONFIG).withPlacement(Placement.COUNT_HEIGHTMAP_32.configure(new FrequencyConfig(2))));	

Now I got two problems: 1st the Biomes.BIOME expression gives me a RegistryKey<Biome> instead of a Biome and 2nd addFeature(...) method from the class Biome doesn't seem to exist anymore. I read through the Biome, Biomes and RegistryKey classes and some more, but I didn't find anything helpful. I would appreciate it, if someone could tell me, what I have to use. 

Thank you in advance. :) 

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