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Detect a block a set distance behind a player?


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Right now to get the space behind the player I am creating the AABB:

 AxisAlignedBB playerAABB = player.getEntityBoundingBox();
Vec3d lookVecBehind = Vec3d.fromPitchYaw(0f, player.rotationYaw).scale(-0.25f);
		        AxisAlignedBB wallCheck = new AxisAlignedBB(player.posX + lookVecBehind.x, playerAABB.minY,
						player.posZ + lookVecBehind.z, player.posX + lookVecBehind.x, playerAABB.minY,
						player.posZ + lookVecBehind.z).grow(ModConfig.otherMovement.wallJump.angle, 0.5, ModConfig.otherMovement.wallJump.angle);

The issue is that this is a perfect square, whereas I want to make it a rectangle with the longest side going away from the player as so:


I know this might take some complex maths, so thanks for your help if you know a solution!

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Okay, so I'm trying to work out how to detect if there is a block in the shaded red area. Thanks to the massively helpful vemerion I'm now trying to raytrace this area, but I'm struggling getting it to work.


Does anyone have any tips/pointers? I'm not really sure how to set up World.rayTraceBlocks(Vec3D(), Vec3D) as whenever I put in the Player's location for one vector and the player's location + a value for the other it doesn't work.


Here's what I'm trying to achieve, where X and Y are both configurable lengths, this is really throwing my head so thanks so much for your help!


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