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    • Sorry, I'm new to this. Where could I find the code associated with bed explosions? I'm guessing in some player or bed class, but where could I find those?
    • How would I blit two different animations on the same gui screen. I tried having two different blit commands handling the two different animations, but they result in something cursed to say the least. I even tried one blit line in the background and one in the foreground, but to no avail. For reference, here are the two blit lines I am using:   I was poking around in the AbstractGUI class and noticed a method called innerBlit. Would it be something to do with that?   For reference, the ProgressionScaled() methods merely return an int value, and do not interact with each other.     
    • My recipe doesn't seem to do anything. I see in the log that the serializer gets registered and I don't see any errors logged, but when I try to craft a written book with a banner nothing happens. I already caught a couple of simple mistakes like forgetting to actually register the serializer and misspelling the resource folder, so I won't be surprised if whatever I'm doing wrong now is equally simple but I still don't totally know what I'm looking at. https://github.com/Deadbeetle/literature-mod
    • You're right it needs to be above it, apparently I have them mixed up
    • If my serializer only serializes one recipe, can I just put the type in the JSON and return the recipe from the read functions like this? { "type": "literature:coveredbook" }   public static class CoveredBookRecipeSerializer extends ForgeRegistryEntry<IRecipeSerializer<?>> implements IRecipeSerializer<CoveredBookRecipe> { @Override public CoveredBookRecipe read(ResourceLocation recipeId, JsonObject json) { return new CoveredBookRecipe(recipeId); } @Override public CoveredBookRecipe read(ResourceLocation recipeId, PacketBuffer buffer) { return new CoveredBookRecipe(recipeId); } @Override public void write(PacketBuffer buffer, CoveredBookRecipe recipe) { } }  
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