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TileEntity problem


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Okay so I just got into modding, I have quite a bit experience with Java as I've created a java game as the project before this one, anyways my problem is that i have one TileEntity on the server and one on the Client, the problem is that they don't sync there variables :( So my problem is that I do get power into both entities, although one is drained bu the client gui still think it have power as it gets the client entity instread of the server entity  :'( I've been googling around for quite a time now and haven't found any solution to this so I hope i can get some here!


The TileEntity: https://github.com/vpklotar/Industrial-Line/blob/master/src/se/vpklotar/li/block/furnace/FurnaceEntity.java

The block: https://github.com/vpklotar/Industrial-Line/blob/master/src/se/vpklotar/li/block/furnace/Mk1Furnace.java


Main file: https://github.com/vpklotar/Industrial-Line/blob/master/src/se/vpklotar/il/Il.java

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there are methods called getDatapacket and onDataPacketrecived in the TileEntity. These get passed from the server to the client every time the block is marked for an update (via world.markBlockForUpdate). You can write the NBT for the server tile to the packet sent form this, then read it on the client. That's how i do it for one of my tile entities, Not quite as complex as yours but it should still apply.

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Sync with packets, using the classes in the FML.packet (or something like that, look for PacketDispatcher) and the getDescriptionPacket() in TileEntity.


Don't use too many packets, you'll bog down the server, client, and everything else on your computer.

So, what would happen if I did push that shiny red button over there? ... Really? ... Can I try it? ... Damn.

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