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1.15.2 modded singleplayer world creation "freeze"


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I added a bunch of new mods to my Minecraft a little while ago, and now I can't make a new world. The game never outright freezes, but it either stops processing things or takes an insanely long time to do so, and as far as I can tell the world generation makes no more progress. The log was too big for Pastebin, so I had to use a different site, but I have it here. Additionally, here's a screenshot of where the game stopped updating the loading screen. (Google Drive, by the way.) As far as I can tell, it's still trying to process things at the end, but either can't complete it or takes forever doing it. I waited on the DSODL (Dirt Screen of Death Lite; I've seen worse) for over half an hour with no visible progress made to be safe, since I know worlds can take a while to generate (especially with how many mods I have). From what little info I can gather, the cause might be Better Animals Plus, but I don't have any experience reading these logs, so I'm posing the question here, too: what should I do to fix this?

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