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    • Hi, I made a pickaxe in my mod that I actually want it to break ore veins more easily, so I made a blockbreakevent, and then a script that checks for every block around the ore you broke if there are any blocks of the same type, and if there are, then break them. My script is actually not working, and I don't really know why 😅, so I post this for any help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks !   Here is my event : @SubscribeEvent public static void onBreakEventWithPickaxe(BlockEvent.BreakEvent e) { PlayerEntity playerIn = e.getPlayer(); Item pickaxe = ModItems.NETHER_STAR_PICKAXE.get(); Block block = e.getState().getBlock(); IWorld world = e.getWorld(); if (e.getState().getBlock() instanceof OreBlock && playerIn.getHeldItemMainhand().getItem() == pickaxe) { int radius = 3; int height = 6; int posX = e.getPos().getX() - radius; int posY = e.getPos().getY() - radius; int posZ = e.getPos().getZ() - (height / 2); for (int i = 0; i < radius * 2 * radius * 2 * height; i++) { BlockPos pos = new BlockPos(posX, posY, posZ); if (world.getBlockState(pos).getBlock() == block) { world.destroyBlock(pos, true); } posX++; if (posX == radius * 2 + 1) { posY++; posX = e.getPos().getX() - radius; } if (posY == radius * 2 + 1) { posZ++; posY = e.getPos().getY() - radius; posX = e.getPos().getX() - radius; } if (posZ == height + 1) { break; } } } }  
    • I think this line of code right here is the reason it isn't working but I don't know what this means.   [08:42:52] [Server-Worker-5/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Unable to load model: 'gttaa:emerald_ingott.png#inventory' referenced from: gttaa:emerald_ingott.png#inventory: java.io.FileNotFoundException: gttaa:models/item/emerald_ingott.png.json  
    • I am trying to open my debug.log because that is what DaemonUmbra said to share, but I can't open it   The file is in my logs folder  
    • Which exact file are you opening and why are you opening it in Intellij?
    • Somehow by renaming the file to something different it removed the opened in text document issue.   Here is one error:   [Server-Worker-5/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Unable to load model:         'gttaa:emerald_ingott.png#inventory' referenced from: gttaa:emerald_ingott.png#inventory:     java.io.FileNotFoundException: gttaa:models/item/emerald_ingott.png.json   But still, my debug.log file is not encoding right and I am unsure why. This is the debug.log
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