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[1.16.3] Help with network message


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I have a TileEntity with a custom capability that changes the texture. I have a GUI where the texture can be changed.

When the texture is updated, I would like to send a message to any player in the area to re-render the TileEntity with the new texture.

I have a message with the required information, but how do I send it?

NETWORK.send( PacketDistributor.???.with( () -> ??? ), new UpdateConfigMessage( pos, this ) )


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You might find this working example useful



 The relevant bit is 


in ItemAirStrike class

and for sending to clients


  // This message is called from the Server thread.
  //   It spawns a random number of the given projectile at a position above the target location
  static void processMessage(AirstrikeMessageToServer message, ServerPlayerEntity sendingPlayer)
    // 1) First send a message to all other clients who are in the same dimension, to tell them to render a "target"
    //      effect on the ground
    // There are a number of other PacketDistributor types defined for other cases, for example
    // Sending to one player
    //    simpleChannel.send(PacketDistributor.PLAYER.with(playerMP), new MyMessage());
    // Send to all players tracking this chunk
    //    simpleChannel.send(PacketDistributor.TRACKING_CHUNK.with(chunk), new MyMessage());
    // Sending to all connected players
    //    simpleChannel.send(PacketDistributor.ALL.noArg(), new MyMessage());

    TargetEffectMessageToClient msg = new TargetEffectMessageToClient(message.getTargetCoordinates());
    RegistryKey<World> playerDimension = sendingPlayer.func_241141_L_();  // func_241141_L_ is getPlayerDimension
    StartupCommon.simpleChannel.send(PacketDistributor.DIMENSION.with(() -> playerDimension), msg);



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It doesn't quite work - I don't have access to the player. But I can access the TileEntity that the capability is attached to.

	public TileEntityReinforcedChest()
		super( BetterStorageTileEntityTypes.REINFORCED_CHEST.get() );
		config = new HexKeyConfig()
			protected void onContentsChanged( int slot )
				BetterStorage.NETWORK.send( PacketDistributor.DIMENSION.with( () -> ??? ), new UpdateConfigMessage( pos, this ) );


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