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[1.15] WorldSavedData in world gen


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Since no one is responding, i'll try to give you an answer, even though i am not really sure what to say in this case..maybe someone else can add something more useful later. So, what you want to do may not be entirely possible, at least not without modifying the inner workings of vanilla world generation process (and that would require you to know exactly what you are doing). In fact at the moment i don't even recall any mod that ever did something like that, and that's not a good sign generally. I mean, the only thing that comes to my mind is, at least regarding structures, is to perfom a very ugly and inefficient manual removing of the whole structure right when its generated, but this would be pretty difficult to code and also very error prone, and you probably will be very likely to leave your world with weird artifacts in some cases. Also entities that usually spawns withing structures would still be there because the fact you remove the blocks of the structure doesn't mean the game doesn't consider it to be there anymore, so you would need to take care of that also. I think this would be very impractical. Another possibility could be to add/remove structure or features conditionally during the BiomeLoadingEvent based on some value determined by the stage of the game you are in. But i guess that would at least require to close and restart the game as soon as you reach a certain stage where some features should start generating, in order to have them added to world generation. Of course then they would generate only in new unexplored chunks of the world.


Edit: my bad, i realised that BiomeLoadingEvent is a 1.16.2+ thing, but still the concept above applies in 1.15

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