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Mc crash exit code -1 pixel format not accelerated


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Context:   while playing modded mc using the twitch launcher, all was well until the game unexpectedly closed without reopening the launcher or showing a crash report. This was a few hours after i launched it. The laptop was running quite warm, so i figured it was caused by overheating. After letting it cool down for about an hour i booted it up again. Played the same modpack with no issues. Then after about an hour it crashed the same way again. My laptop was not hot at that time. I then noticed a graphics glitch on the monitor that was connected to the laptop. There were randomly coloured pixels in a box located in the middle of the screen. i rebooted the computer and that fixed the glitch. i went to bed after that as it was quite late ( i did turn the pc off). tuned it on the next day and discovered the monitor was not displaying anything and instead showed a black screen. the laptop was still working fine so i just disconnected the monitor. when i tried to launch minecraft again, it did not initialise and spat out this error code. tried launching vanilla and ran into the same problem. tried launching on multi mc and it gave the same error (probably. i dont know how to read this kinda stuff). i think it might be related to the Gpu. can someone help me with this?





crash-2020-11-20_15.58.18-client.txt MultiMC-0.log

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