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Custom Sounds not playing on server


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I am using the playSound function with a custom sound and it's works with no problems in a singleplayer world but whenever I try to play it on a multiplayer world the sound doesn't play. It is executing just fine because I put a logger there but it just isn't playing the sound. If anyone has any ideas or a solution please let me know! Thanks!

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  • Do not use @OnlyIn.
  • You are reaching across logical sides: Your onItemRightClick is called on logical server and logical client - yet it accesses client-only code. You cannot check key bindings like this. You will need to use ClientTickEvent to check if a key binding is pressed, if so play the sound and also send a custom packet to the server, so that the server can play the sound for other players.
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Ok, I think I fixed the Keybinds but i'm a little lost on the packet sending. I took a shot at it but I don't know what to pass in for player? Is there a library file that would show something like this in action? 'Cause I was thinking of how a potion bottle sound plays to the player and all players around, that's kinda what i'm trying to do. I updated the Git repository if you would like to take a look.

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