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[SOLVED] The same part of my world randomly deletes itself


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I don't know how to explain this but I'll do my best. This happened three times to me now and I don't know whether it's my mod or minecraft that's doing this. (Context: I'm trying to setup for a youtube video on my mod). The first time this happened, I placed a block down (my block) and then the game froze and crashed. I logged back in to find out a chunk got deleted out of the world... i don't think thats the right word because it didn't really affect the y axis; it deleted like maybe a 16x16x20 area. I wish I had a screenshot but I deleted the old one and loaded a backup. The second time around, I pulled a lever and it deleted the same area (but didn't crash). (Here's some context: The blue shulker box got deleted by the error). I middle clicked a light blue shulker box and placed it in the position of the blue one and it placed down a "blue" shulker instead of a light blue. When I middle clicked the "blue" one, it gave me the light blue one. This is seriously so weird. It crashed again after a placed one of my modded blocks in the deleted area. (second crash report)


Hopefully the screenshot will help clear any confusions.


crash-2020-12-22_16.49.17-client.txt crash-2020-12-24_11.26.22-client.txt

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fixed it
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On 12/24/2020 at 3:05 PM, diesieben07 said:

That's impossible to say without seeing your mod's code.

Yo i'm good now. It was because of 1.16.1. Idk what happened but when i updated to 1.16.3, it never crashed again. (I provoked the crash by turning on a resource pack and flick the lever (idk why it crashes the game in 1.16.1 but it did)). Thx anyways :)

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