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Subscribe event for each rendered frame


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Good afternoon!

I am looking for an event that would be called every time a framed has been rendered/shown on screen, mainly to update timers useful for animation and for showing them on screen.

The TickEvent with their 50ms delays are too inaccurate for my project.

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The problem with tick events are that they take 50ms. And for my purposes thats too slow. I am aware that even frames could take up to 5-10ms but thats better. I would use System.currentTimeMillis() for counting the delays. I am aware that running calculations each frame could slow down the framerate but I would take that compromise.

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Stuff... :)
Can you please tell me a reliable event that runs (preferable after) each frame. Any would do, I am just unable to find any on the official documentations.
I know my way of programming is quite interesting and often can be inefficient, I just want to achieve my goals. And as I am the one who will ever use it, I will live the compromises.

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I am sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention. However, as I mentioned I am making this mod just for fun. I find way more joy in it if I do it my way even if its a bad exercise. So I only want to know the bare minimum to achieve my goal and go on from that point. Looking at other people's posts and mixing my solution from them.

 I got used to being able to access a well thought out documentation for every API.

So, thank you for helping me in my project!

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It was a weird way to end a conversation
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