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Custom Elytra Renderer


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Wanted to know, how do you tell the game to render you custom wearable?

I have an item which is basically another form of elytra with other properties (the item itself works just fine), so I was looking at how the game renders the elytra. I made a new layer class which uses the standard elytra model, but a different texture.

And there is where I got stuck, I see the ElytraLayer gets added in the PlayerRenderer. But how do I add my layer to it, or do I have to write a new renderer?

Thanks in advance and I hope someone can help me with my problem.

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You would need to add your custom layer to the player renderer, and you need to do this inside you client setup event handler (possibly inside enqueueWork). Take a look at this post: https://forums.minecraftforge.net/topic/92977-1162-render-layer-not-working/?tab=comments#comment-428356

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Check out the port of the BetterEnd fabric mod (WIP): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/betterend-forge-port

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Great Thanks, got it to work for the player, but do I have to do something different for the armor stand?

I did it like this:

for(PlayerRenderer renderer : Minecraft.getInstance().getRenderManager().getSkinMap().values())
            renderer.addLayer(new WingsLayer(renderer));


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