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Forge Permissions Interface


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As Co-Admin on a FTB Bukkit server I found it always difficult tu limit the use of certain items like the Mining Laser or other mod functions. In my opinion, it would work a lot better if the mod authors would use some kind of permissions system. However, there is no universal permissions api forge mods could use.


So my suggestion would be: A Forge Permissions API. I thought about something like this:


If a mod wants to check a permission, it posts a PermissionEvent (containing the permission id and the player to check for) to a special permissions event bus. Subscribers to the event can now check whether the player has that permission and set the event's result accordingly.


Additionally, one could also post location-based permission event, so items like the Wand of Equal Trade would be limited to the user's own regions.


This api doesn't have to define an interface for modifying permissions, that's up to the implementors.



I think this should be in forge as it would encourage it's use. It's comparable to bukkit where there was a big chaos in permissions too until they included the unified permissions api.

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Hmm, that sounds more like a coremod (or maybe just a mod; I'm not sure that needs to be a coremod) API, rather than a part of Forge. "I think this should be in forge as it would encourage it's use" seems to me to be a bad idea; if such a situation with competing APIs arises it would not be the responsibility of Forge to solve it.



Co-author of Pentachoron Labs' SBFP Tech.

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If you say that, you could say the same about the ore dictionary. After all, it is just about resolving conflicting apis too. And I doubt it would be as widely used as it is now if it was a seperate mod.

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I would disagree. Right now my biggest annoyance with trying to implement some functionality and bukkit like features for multiplayer servers using Forge has to be the lack of a perm system of any kind. The idea is not necessarily to create a single perm manager I think, but rather something along the lines of




To IMPROVE intermod cooperation. I mean, it's really just a logical extension of what is already included in theory to handle such matters: the fake player class. It's already an issue I would say right now because several mods have 'rolled their own' system so to speak (such as those which let a machine's access be potentially limited) and Forge Essentials attempts to add a Permissions system AND Manager, but as it stands right now there is no single accepted outline let alone system for things like, say, a factions mod that would actually work in the expected fashion in a Forge modded server. And with the new 'block broken' and 'block placed' events likely to be added soon, there's less excuse than ever to not support a basic perm system. Forge doesn't have to include full perm control or anything, just a unified system for something to say "Hey! I'm about to do something and I think this might need permission", configuration and actual modification and input of perms and all that can be handled by an external program even.

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