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Custom Rendered Block.


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Hello guys,


I'm just wonderring if someone know a great tutorial how to make Custom Rendered Block. I tried to find some but they were all outdated or I did'nt understand them.




Best tutorial: learn from Minecraft code. Look at the torch, both regular and redstone. Look at the repeater and fence.



  • Always up to date
  • Uses all capabilities of Minecraft



  • Can be hard to understand


There are two ways to create customized blocks. Use Minecraft methods or set the vertices yourself. Either way, vertices are set because that is what Minecraft does anyways.

The class you need to look into is net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderBlocks (if it didn't change with MC 1.6.1, haven't checked yet.)


If that doesn't help, feel free to come back and ask, but do refer to this. Maybe I can find any available resources...



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