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7 FPS with a GT 1030 + i5-4690 (1.16.3)


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Hi, so i was playing without shaders using 90 mods

I recently upgraded my pc with a GT 1030 and a i5-4690

In the vanilla game i was getting over 70 fps with shaders

But in forge 1.16.3 i was getting only 8 - 9 fps without shaders, and i was using less than 90 mods

Please, this is getting annoying, you can't just buy an RTX 2070 for play a pixelated game with some mods

Seriously, fix this horrible performance

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You know, they cant just "fix" it with the click of a button.


It takes ages to make Minecraft have better performance, not because of forge but because of Minecraft and java compilation.


Minecraft does not support multi-threading, which is a BIG issue as if you had a 4x CPU in your PC, well guess what: Minecraft will only use the power of one of the CPU. If Minecraft was multi-threaded, it would use the power of all 4 CPU and give you quite a big fps boost, probably around 4x the fps.


*something used to be here, removed now*


Note: im not trying to get people to move over to bedrock edition, im a java player myself.


If you want multi-threading in java, theirs probably a mod you can find out there and use if you want more fps. 😃


Also 1.16.3 is honestly terrible for performance, that's probably one of the reasons why your experiencing this lag. Microsoft has changed the way java edition works, and honestly the difference is insane, its like they don't even care about performance when 1.13 was released, most people started experiencing lag.

I have a theory that Microsoft is trying to get people to move over to the bedrock edition by making java unplayable.


I've heard this is a good mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mcmt-multithreading
(not trying to advertise or anything)

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