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Forge unable to find model


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Hi, I'm super new to modding with forge. I've been messing around a bit to see if I can get anything working, but I ran into an issue when trying to use runClient. Some point right after the texture stitching phase of loading the game, it gives me this error:image.thumb.png.ecb86a569c643b0101d01433771c5b86.png

I understand that this is an error that it can't find the model the model file bedrock_sword.json, but I honestly have no idea what's wrong. I've looked through every forum post on the first page of google that isn't really sketchy, and none solved my issue. In case it helps, here are some other screenshots.




I've tried everything and I'm not sure what to do at this point. Thanks!
EDIT: This is for game version 1.12.2

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