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[1.16.5] New Mob Spawns Not Spawning when run via jar file


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The new mob spawns properly when run from Intellij but not from the minecraft launcher using the jar. 


The strangest part is that the other two mobs I added spawn as expected in both cases. I have included the code used to register the spawns below.


@Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = GreekMyths.MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.FORGE)
public class EntitySpawning {

    @SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.HIGH)
    public static void addBiomeSpawns(final BiomeLoadingEvent event) {
        if(event.getCategory() == Biome.Category.OCEAN) {
            addSpawns(event, ModEntities.HIPPOCAMPUS.get(), 100, 1, 2);
        addSpawns(event, ModEntities.GREEKVILLAGER.get(), 100, 1, 3);
        addSpawns(event, ModEntities.PEGASUS.get(), 100, 1, 3);

    private static void addSpawns(final BiomeLoadingEvent biome, final EntityType<?> entity, final int chance, final int min, final int max) {

        if (biome.getCategory() == Biome.Category.NETHER) {

        } else if (biome.getCategory() == Biome.Category.THEEND) {

        } else {
            biome.getSpawns().withSpawner(entity.getClassification(), new MobSpawnInfo.Spawners(entity, chance, min, max));



Also, you are still able to summon the mob using commands. 

Any thoughts?

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I don't have a repo set up yet. It is the hippocampus entity which is not spawning. Here is the class which registers the entities if it is helpful.


@Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = GreekMyths.MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD)
public class ModEntities {

    public static final EntityClassification MOD_FREINDLY = EntityClassification.create("ModFriendly", "ModFriendly", 20, true, true, 128);
    public static final EntityClassification MOD_WATER_CREATURE = EntityClassification.create("ModWater", "ModWater", 20, true, true, 128);
    public static final EntityClassification MOD_FREINDLY_CREATURE = EntityClassification.create("ModFriendlyCreature", "ModFriendlyCreature", 10, true, true, 128);

    public static final RegistryObject<EntityType<?>> GREEKVILLAGER = register("greekvillager_entity", () -> EntityType.Builder.create(GreekVillagerEntity::new, MOD_FREINDLY).build(new ResourceLocation(GreekMyths.MOD_ID, "greekvillager_entity").toString()));

    public static final RegistryObject<EntityType<?>> HIPPOCAMPUS = register("hippocampus_entity", () -> EntityType.Builder.create(HippocampusEntity::new, MOD_WATER_CREATURE).size(1.2f, 1.3f).build(new ResourceLocation(GreekMyths.MOD_ID, "hippocampus_entity").toString()));

    public static final RegistryObject<EntityType<?>> PEGASUS = register("pegasus_entity", () -> EntityType.Builder.create(PegasusEntity::new, MOD_FREINDLY_CREATURE).size(1.36f, 1.6f).build(new ResourceLocation(GreekMyths.MOD_ID, "pegasus_entity").toString()));

//    public static final RegistryObject<Item> GREEK_VILLAGER_SPAWN_EGG = Registration.ITEMS.register("greek_villager_spawn_egg", () ->
//            new SpawnEggItem(GREEKVILLAGER.get(), 0x2f5882, 0x6f1499, new Item.Properties().group(GreekMyths.ITEM_GROUP)));

    public static void register() {

    public static <T extends EntityType<?>> RegistryObject<T> register(String name, Supplier<T> entity) {
        RegistryObject<T> ret = Registration.ENTITIES.register(name, entity);
        return ret;

    public static void setupEntityHandler(final FMLCommonSetupEvent event) {
        event.enqueueWork(() -> {
            setupEntity((EntityType<MobEntity>)GREEKVILLAGER.get(),GreekVillagerEntity::getAttributes, GreekVillagerEntity::canSpawnOn);
            setupEntity((EntityType<MobEntity>)HIPPOCAMPUS.get(), HippocampusEntity::getAttributes, HippocampusEntity::canSpawnOn);
            setupEntity((EntityType<MobEntity>)PEGASUS.get(), PegasusEntity::getAttributes, PegasusEntity::canSpawnOn);

    public static <T extends MobEntity> void setupEntity(final EntityType<T> entityType, final Supplier<AttributeModifierMap.MutableAttribute> mapSupplier,
                                                          @Nullable final EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.IPlacementPredicate<T> placementPredicate){

        GlobalEntityTypeAttributes.put((EntityType<? extends LivingEntity>) entityType, mapSupplier.get().create());

        final EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.PlacementType placementType = entityType.getClassification() == MOD_WATER_CREATURE ? EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.PlacementType.IN_WATER : EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.PlacementType.ON_GROUND;
        final EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.IPlacementPredicate<T> placement = (entity, world, reason, pos, rand) -> placementPredicate.test(entity, world, reason, pos, rand);
        EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.register(entityType, placementType, Heightmap.Type.MOTION_BLOCKING_NO_LEAVES, placement);


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For some reason the canSpawnOn function wasn't running properly from the jar. It seems to have clashed with where I set spawn placement type to inWater. 

 public static boolean canSpawnOn(final EntityType<? extends MobEntity> entity, final IWorld world,
                                     final SpawnReason reason, final BlockPos pos, final Random rand) {
        if (pos.getY() > 25) {
            Optional<RegistryKey<Biome>> optional = world.func_242406_i(pos);
            return (Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.DEEP_OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.WARM_OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.DEEP_WARM_OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.LUKEWARM_OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.DEEP_LUKEWARM_OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.COLD_OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.DEEP_COLD_OCEAN)) ||
                    Objects.equals(optional, Optional.of(Biomes.DEEP_OCEAN))) && world.getFluidState(pos).isTagged(FluidTags.WATER);
        } else {
            return false;


I got this code mostly from the dolphinEntity class but modified it slightly. I tried changing this and ended up with this. I also changed the name of the function as I think there may have been an inheritance issue. This is what I ended up with.


public static boolean canHippocampusSpawnOn(final EntityType<? extends MobEntity> entity, final IWorld world,
                                     final SpawnReason reason, final BlockPos pos, final Random rand) {
        if (pos.getY() <= 25 || pos.getY() >= world.getSeaLevel()) {
            return false;

        RegistryKey<Biome> biome = world.func_242406_i(pos).orElse(Biomes.PLAINS);
        return (BiomeDictionary.hasType(biome, BiomeDictionary.Type.OCEAN)) && world.getFluidState(pos).isTagged(FluidTags.WATER);


This seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks again!

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