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[SOLVED] [1.6.1] 3D ItemRender in 3rd Person


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Hello there.


I've had some issues with rendering a 3D model assigned for an item. The ItemRender doesn't seem to work in third person.

It renders fine in first person and when another entity is holding it (via the RenderTyes EQUIPPED_FIRST_PERSON and EQUIPPED respectively) but there doesn't appear to be a rendertype for the thrid person view of the own player.


I have tried printing out the currently used rendertype, which are EQUIPPED_FIRST_PERSON when in first person and EQUIPPED when looking at a zombie with the item, also obviously INVETORY, since the item needs to be in the Inventory to be selected, but when switching to thrid person, only INVENTORY is printed out, which leads me to believe that there is no rendertype being called for 3rd person item renders of the own player.



I'm having that issue with Forge Version 1.6.1-, dunno if that is fixed with a later version.


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I know 68 had some bugs.. I am updating to latest atm and ill get back to you!

I am Mew. The Legendary Psychic. I behave oddly and am always playing practical jokes.


I have also found that I really love making extremely long and extremely but sometimes not so descriptive variables. Sort of like what I just did there xD

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