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[1.16.5] Guis not loading


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i am currently updating my mod to 1.16.5 and i need a little help.

my GUIs aren't loading. please see below for links to Tile Entity, Container, Screen, and Block classes.

TileEnt: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnTileEntity.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com)

Container: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnContainer.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com)

Screen: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnScreen.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com)

Block: MarijuanaCraft1.16.5/ColumnBlock.java at main · drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com)


any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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20 hours ago, diesieben07 said:
  • Use @Override when overriding methods.
  • Your repository is missing the build.gradle and gradle wrapper. The MDK comes with a properly configured .gitignore file, use it. However that means you need to use a proper git client instead of the web upload, which you should be doing anyways.
  • I can't see the issue from just the code, it looks fine from just looking at it. Please correct the point above so we can use the debugger on it.

Hope this helps. 
drmdgg/MarijuanaCraft1.16.5 (github.com)

which overrides are you referring to?

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16 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Your ColumnBlock class is entirely unused, you never register a block with that class. Your BlockInit class does register something called column, but it does not use ColumnBlock.


In ColumnBlock for example.

thank you, that got the gui to come up, 

however, it still spawns another "column" when the gui it opened

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6 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Yes... But then you also said you didn't use it this time. Which will make things terrible for you, because you now need to merge things when you commit next time.


You completely recreated the repository... Why...


I do not understand what you mean by this. I did not notice any kind of "spawning" when opening the GUI.

if it wasn't spawing an extra "column" then it must be my laptop being garbage. 


and i thank you. i knew it had to be something registered that was missing


are you able to help me with a button or should i make a new topic?


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Just now, diesieben07 said:

Make a new button.

...i have old code from 1.14.4 that does not work. 

 this.addButton(new Button(relX + 18, relY + 15, 5, 20, "PURGE", button -> PacketHandler.sendToServer(new C2SRequestStartOven(tileEntity.getPos()))));
      this.addButton(new Button(relX + 18, relY + 15, 5, 20, "PURGE", button -> PacketHandler.sendToServer(new C2SRequestStartOven(tileEntity.getPos()))));

gets "The constructor Button(int, int, int, int, String, Button.IPressable) is undefined"

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On 2/17/2021 at 4:24 PM, diesieben07 said:

Look at the constructors that are available. Then pick the one that fits your need.

I'm not asking you to write the code or anything for me, but could you be a little more specific.
is there a list of available constructors i can look at pertaining to this?

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