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[1.12.2] Populating packet buffer for custom payload packet


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Hello epic forge modders,


I'm trying to send a vanilla packet to the server (Specifically custom payload packet to edit a command block).

I looked everywhere online, networking section in forge docs seems to only be about custom packets, and so do all of the threads that i have found.


I know that to send a CustomPayloadPacket i need to do it like this:

 this.mc.getConnection().sendPacket(new CPacketCustomPayload("Channel", packetbuffer));


I'm not sure what data I should add to the buffer and how I should do it, if anybody could help me that would be amazing.

Additionally, wiki.vg has no info on updating a command block (here is where i checked: https://wiki.vg/index.php?title=Protocol&oldid=14204), so I am not sure what channel it should be sending to either.

Could anybody please help me?






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