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My Recipe Won't Work


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Heya, so I'm making a cutting board for turning meat into sliced meat and all that.  I have everything set up: The container, tile entity, gui, etc.  Everything is working fine, except for the fact that when I put beef into the first slot, nothing happens and nothing outputs.  I double and triple checked all the code and everything seems to be in line and I'm sure this is just a stupid error, but I'm not sure what to do about it.


Here's my the relevant files in my github (Containers, tile entities, serializers, recipes, etc) :








Sorry for pretty much having someone look over my work but maybe an extra set of eyes is just what I need.


Edit: You'll see some files not using upper camel case, sorry about that but it's not really my priority rn to fix it rn but I'll get around to organization once I get this problem sorted.

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Clarification on disorganization
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25 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

You never register the DeferredRegister for recipe serializers to the event bus, as such your recipe serializer is not registered. You can see this in the console:


Ohhh my god I totally missed that.  Thanks for your help as always diesie.

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Hey so sorry to bother again, but I registered it and everything and the recipe still isn't working for some reason.  I was reading through the console and the only thing that looked like was wrong with the recipe is that it wasn't categorized, but I don't think that would completely negate the recipe.  I updated the github to the most recent changes just in case I missed something else.  Sorry for the trouble.

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OH! I didn't even realize I had a line of code in there that made it required to be powered by redstone.  I just got rid of that and everything is working mostly fine!  I also switched the progress bar from the foreground to background changed the x and y on it, and its in the right place and shows up.  The only problem is now that the progress bar cuts off at about 1/4 the way through, but I should be able to find and fix that.  I'll also take a look at the getRecipe method for simplificaiton.


Thank you so much for the help dude.

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