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Hopper Farm Wheat Carrots Potatoes Flat


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Wheat, Carrot and Potato Hopper farm in minecraft.

Designed to be completely flat so you don't have to jump with could damage farmlands.


The farm can be increased in size in all directions simply place a redstone repeater at the end of the redstone line and add another section.


* Redstone: its simply a 16 long line with torches on the side of the blocks with pistons beside it holding the water up.

* All the lines are connected to this one switch with lines of redstone, and a repeater to extend the signal far enough.

* To make it easy to acces the flat farmlands each section has some hoppers at the entrance in case the drops fall here.

* The hoppers move all the items to the central chest that collects all loot. Below the water between the farmlands are also hoppers that collect the loot.

* Since this was the first time I collected the loot, I noticed that the redstone below the hoppers stops the item flow. So you should place the repeater below the hopper to fix this problem. :)

* And replanting is easy but has still to be done manually. (Hold down right mouse button while walking is best).

* The only disadvantage over the old farm is that hoppers are really slow gathering the huge amount of items into one chest.


Build on our private vanilla survival server.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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