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[1.16.5] Adding arguments to DeferredRegister and RegistryObject

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I got the new way of registering things working. I want to send the tile entity through my container so I have access to the BlockPos in the container (for sending packets). I'm just not sure how, if I add the tile to the constructor of the container how do I add the tile to the register?



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On the server you create your container in INamedContainerProvider, so there you can just pass the TE in normally.

You then need to send whatever data is necessary to the client using the extraData argument of NetworkHooks.openGui. This data then shows up in your IContainerFactory as the data parameter.

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11 minutes ago, BeardlessBrady said:

What do you mean by "On the server you create your container in INamedContainerProvider"?

Here: https://github.com/Beardlessbrady/Currency-Mod/blob/master-1.16/src/main/java/com/beardlessbrady/gocurrency/blocks/vending/VendingTile.java#L79-L83

This is then called from NetworkHooks.openGui (you give it the TE as the INamedContainerProvider, because you use ContainerBlock#getContainer, which returns the TE).

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9 hours ago, BeardlessBrady said:

What format do I include data into the packetBuffer for the client?

It's just a PacketBuffer, you can put data in whatever format you want (it's just a byte array essentially). You just have to make sure you read and write it in the same way.


9 hours ago, BeardlessBrady said:

For instance if I want to include the BlockPos?

PacketBuffer#writeBlockPos, PacketBuffer#readBlockPos.

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