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___ is not a valid mod file.


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So i wanted to edit a mod file and i did. let me walk you through everything i did.


1. Downloaded the mod

2. us a decompile for java

3. Extracted the zipped decompiled folder

4. made copies of a custom recipe file and edited to make my own custom recipe 

5. Saved it

6. made it a zip file

7. renamed it so it was a .jar file


Then it had the same look as all the other mods, the icon was a coffee looking thing.

when i loaded up forge because the mod was originally a forge mod it says its not a valid mod. 

Now keep in mind that originally the mod worked and all i did was add a extra piece and then remake it into a .jar.

before when it wasn't a .jar and it was the extracted it just crashed my Minecraft. The new .jar looked let me load up forge Minecraft but just now says its not a valid mod file. please help.


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