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  1. please use PascalCase when naming classes also, what are you doing? there's no need to extend the BrewingRecipe, you can just instantiate a new one
  2. your "beryl" Item is not an Item, it's a RegistryObject of an Item, think of it like a box which at the starts is empty, and that after registration your item gets put inside of it. you're passing a RegistryObject to the Ingredient, while it expects an IItemProvider you can call RegistryObject#get to get the item that's inside it but note that if you call it before registration happens, the box is going to be empty and there won't be an item yet
  3. there's no need for this, at least in this case but as a rule of thumb, you should always post your error logs
  4. don't necropost on a thread from 2 year ago and his solution possibly wouldn't work for you since it was for 1.14 just make a new topic and explain your issues further
  5. hm... when I had a similar issue the discord pointed me towards using baked models. but multiparts does seem way simpler, and with datagen I could even do it proceduraly
  6. whenever you find a solution by yourself, you can leave the original question, but add a comment mentioning that you fixed it, and how. so that if anyone comes accross the same problem, they can find your solution and try it without needing to make a new topic. also, I don't see how intellij syncing with github has anything to do with forge
  7. you need to create a new class which implements IBakedModel, overwrite getQuads (the one which takes an IModelData) an make it return the quads for your model, the IModelData shouls contain the info on the list and you set the info on the IModelData by overwriting getModelData in your tile entity. you need to sync the data from, the Server tile entity, to the client, which you can do by overwriting getUpdatePacket (Server sends updated data to the client), and onDataPacket (Client handles an update packet received). then, whenever that data changes you can call World#notifyUpdate, a
  8. Blockstates is far from what you want, what you need to do is an IBakedModel
  9. It'd be useful if you could've told the error public static final ConfiguredFeature <?,?> KUNZITE_FEATURE = new ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>((KUNZITE_ORE).withConfiguration(new OreFeatureConfig(OreFeatureConfig.FillerBlockType.NATURAL_STONE, BlockInit.KUNZITE_ORE.get().defaultBlockState(), 6)).range(20).square().func_242731_b(20)); this should throw an error as you call RegistryObject#get before the objects have been registered (i.e.: in static initialization). I'd instantiate the ore features in the common setup event
  10. 1.7.10 isn't supported on the forums. please update to a modern version of minecraft to get support
  11. why can't you use the vanilla durability bar? oh and btw, don't use @OnlyIn, and please post code using the code tool that the forum provides so that we can actually read the code without struggling
  12. what's your gui for? when should it be opened? is it a gui for a tile entity/container? or just a screen? some more context would be nice
  13. perharps check how the /fill command does it?
  14. I have a block, with a tile entity, the block uses of a BakedModel to render based on some data from the tile entity. I've made a custom BlockItem which gets dropped with the tile data serialized to a nbt tag, and that when placed, deserializes the nbt for the tile entity. The baked model is simple. I have a base model defined in json, and the getQuads simply adds a new cuboid shape inside the base model, representing how much the block is filled (The block is a jar) but the Item renders just the base model (as would be expected). How could I make it render the model from the BakedMo
  15. -nevermind what I wrote here-
  16. hm, I'm thinking you could use of a shader, there may be a simpler way which I'm not aware of; Silhouete and outline are different things, to shade for a silhoute you could render any non-tranparent pixel of the item texture as black (or whatever color you'd want for the silhoute. actually, if you grayscaled the item texture you could tint it to whatever monochrome color you'd want). shaders for outline are a little more complicated, but not much, you can find info on such shaders online again, there maybe be an easier way to do it, but I'm not sure
  17. you should talk to the creator of the mod. it's unlikely people that aren't associated with the project would be aware of how simibubi handles his IP
  18. what's the context? is the item yours or vanilla? where do you want to render it? is it an item stack?
  19. }.getDefaultInstance(); again, learn Java... all of the problems would be solved if you knew what you were doing also @Soft-fur dragon just point this guy towards a java tutorial, this forum is not for Java support, it expects at least, a basic understandment of the language
  20. public ItemStack return new ItemStack(Iteminit.TELE_STICK.get()); what is this line that's in the paste bin?? please learn basic Java
  21. first: search for Java tutorials, there are PLENTY of really good and free information on Java programming online. it will be really hard to make your own mods withouth proper knowledge of programming. learn Java, and learn Object Oriented Programming. second: funny enough I can recommend you the same videos I started out watching for modding: the ones by silentChaos512 on youtube, very recently he released a video on Tile Entities third: you won't find tutorials for absolutely everything that you may need, sadly. there are some tutorials out there for the basics, but that very often
  22. you can't have two blocks occupy the same space. however, you could it a property in the slab's blockstate, and use of the blockstate json file to point to different models. then handle the logic on the onBlockActivated, to switch the blockstates
  23. could you elaborate? is the stone slab the vanilla slab, or a block of your own? what do you mean by "inside"? is the rod a block?
  24. you can use MatrixStack#scale, as said before, to make the text smaller
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